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About Us

Martha’s Vineyard Furniture Company is the brainchild of an Interior Designer and an Environmental Consultant. Combining their interests and expertise, Interior Designer Liz Stiving-Nichols and Environmental Consultant Billy Watterson, have created a furniture company that is environmentally friendly with both the production process as well as the materials used.

The beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard was the inspiration for our furniture. Each piece of furniture is named after a place on the Island and each color selected for our painted furniture is a reflection of how we see life on Martha’s Vineyard.

We think “Islanders” and “Wash-a-shores” alike would agree.


Martha’s Vineyard Furniture Company offers two lines…many shades of green™ 
and the agrarian green collection

Each piece of furniture in our many shades of green™  line is made to order and constructed of solid Hevea wood. Hevea trees are known for their natural rubber-like sap. 

These trees are tapped for their sap, much like a maple tree. This sap is the primary source for most of the world’s latex production. Hevea trees reach their maturity in 15 years, but stop producing sufficient sap after being tapped for 25 to 30 years. 

After this time, the trees are typically cut down and burned; while a new tree is planted in its place. Using these discarded trees for furniture production is a great form of sustainability.

Hevea wood is quite strong and can be compared to white oak or teak making it an ideal material for furniture construction. 

As each piece is made to order, we ask that you allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion.

The furniture in our agrarian green collection line is domestically made using authentic weathered barnboards. All pieces are unique and no two tables will look exactly the same. We offer most tables in two leg styles: tapered or turned. In addition we offer two specialized finishing options: antique walnut and old growth oak in driftwood, both in a medium texture.

Every piece of furniture in our agrarian green collection is made to order and customization is available as indicated in the item description. Please call us at 888.305.7891 for more information and to order. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for furniture in our agrarian green collection.